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Google Feud is a popular online trivia game that tests players� knowledge and ability to predict what others have searched for on Google. The game was created by Justin Hook in 2013 and quickly gained popularity on various gaming platforms. In this article, we will delve into the history of the game, its developers and other popular games, how to play, rumors about a new version, platforms where people can play the game, and the game controls.

History and Developers

Google Feud was created by Justin Hook, an American game developer, in 2013. It was inspired by the popular game show Family Feud, in which contestants try to guess the most popular answers to survey questions. Hook decided to create a similar concept based on Google search data, where players would try to predict the most commonly searched phrases for given keywords. The game quickly gained popularity and became a hit on various gaming platforms.
Hook has developed several other games, including Zombie Society - Dead Detective, Life: The Game, and Infiltrating the Airship. These games have been successful and have a substantial following in the gaming community.

How to Play

Google Feud is a simple game to play. The game consists of several categories, such as People,Culture, Names, and Questions. Players choose a category and are given a keyword or phrase. They must then guess how Google has auto-completed the search term based on the most commonly searched phrases. The objective of the game is to guess as many correct answers as possible and score points based on the difficulty level of each question.

Rumors of a New Version

There have been rumors of a new version of Google Feud, but the developers have not confirmed any official news. Many fans of the game have requested additional categories and a broader range of questions, so it's possible that the new version may incorporate some of these suggestions. However, as of now, there is no official information about a new release.

Platforms and Game Controls

Google Feud is available to play on various online gaming platforms, such as Poki, CrazyGames, and Google Feud Unblocked. The game is also available as a mobile app for both iOS and Android users. The game controls are simple, and players can use their keyboard or mouse to select categories and input their answers.

In conclusion, Google Feud is a fun and exciting trivia game that has become popular among gamers worldwide. The game's history and development have been successful, and its creator, Justin Hook, has developed other popular games. Although there are rumors of a new version, no official news has been released. Players can enjoy the game on various online platforms, and the controls are straightforward, making it easy to play for people of all ages.

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